Sunday, June 28, 2020


So I haven't touched this blog in a few years. I came back because I need a place to put my feelings. My usual forms of social media have become too controversial and argumentative on every point. I don't want to put my true thoughts in front of people I know not only won't appreciate them, but worse...feel the need to attack my ideas and my person. It feels like most people who share my views are being blocked and silenced, and perhaps I will be, too. But I feel called upon to speak up however I can. So I'll leave my thoughts here for "the Universe" (I call Him God) to send people to, if they need it.

I guess I could re-introduce myself. Hi. I am a mother. Whatever else I am in this life, raising children is my purpose in life, although I don't always remember that. I love surrounding myself with people who "keep it real." I have four kids that currently range in age from You-Ruied-My-Life-Again to I-Didn't-Poop-In-My-Pants-This-Time!. My husband is my partner-in-crime for ruining our kids' lives, although he's the softie, and the kids know it, so the ruining is mostly up to me.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Geography, which I never intended to turn into a career; partly because I always planned to be a mother, partly because I love being a Secretary and Receptionist, and I just needed a degree, no matter the subject. My other dream job, which I currently have, is being at the school where my kids are. Right now I get to be a Recess Aide. I might ruin my children's lives further and become a substitute teacher someday, but I try to ruin their lives only a little at a time. I'm nice like that.

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some people call us the "Mormons." But we are so much more than that! You might know members of my church that are NOTHING like me, and you might know some that seem to be cut from the same "mold." Let me assure you as a very experienced Latter-day Saint...THERE IS NO MOLD to fit or not fit. I hope the rest of my Church catches that memo soon.

I have Severe Anxiety and Moderate Depression. If you told most of my friends I was giving a TED talk, and asked them to guess what it's about...I bet most of them would guess this subject. Talking about it seems to give me more power over it. And I pray that my voice will give other people struggling with it the courage to move. I say courage to "move" because it mostly makes me feel intellectually paralyzed. It's more than that, and less than that, and I'll save the rest of that... for another day!
This is what my dining space looks like from February to May.

I am currently 39, but I have very "Elderly Hobbies." I've been sewing and gardening for decades. I might talk about that sometimes. I like Family History, too. I'm basically an old person trapped in a young-ish person's body. Except for the part where I love riding our motorcycle with my husband. That's a slightly less Elderly Hobby, but then'd be surprised who I've seen out enjoying life on two wheels!

What do I not like? Cooking. Cleaning up after my tiny monster army. Mean people. When I'm accidentally a mean people. Grammar Jerks. There's more, I'm sure. Thanks for stoppping by to enjoy this journey!

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